Solidoodle 3 first print out of the box. Everything works but the machine and software will need adjustment.

Printing with the Solidoodle 3 right out of the box.

Lots of fine tuning still needed on both the hardware and software side. The machine must have been jarred during shipping because the bed was way off. I learned this the hard way when I accidentally hit the wrong button in pronterface and sent the extruder to the right causing a slight scratch in the kapton tape. Fortunately I was able to stop it in time. It has been a couple days since I opened and tested the machine. I need to order filament since the printer showed up earlier than I had originally anticipated. Then I will do a real test and tune.

Solidoodle 3 unboxing. Donatello approved.

Magic Wand

Straight forward hand drawn pencil animation.
Frames shot with Dragon Frame.
All sounds except ambiance recorded with my laptop’s on board mic.
Sound editing with Audacity.
Rendered with Final Cut.

UMBC Fall 2012

First time motion tracking using Mocha Pro and After Effects.

Mesmerizing Solo

Pictures of my homemade light table. Ten dollar cupboard light and a shadow box from the craft store. The peg bar is the rail from a three hole punch that goes in a binder. Works for now.

Collage Project for my Adobe After Effects class.

Messing with color editing, masks and layer effects.

Made using found items, Student Project.

More tests.

Another pencil test.

I make things

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